Our Advantages

Manager Selection

Identifying successful managers is central to participating in the upside returns that private investing can offer. Park Street’s primary objective, therefore, is to deliver a portfolio of funds managed by the most talented and proven investment teams.

Experience and Access

Our people have more than a collective century of private investing experience and have built the long-standing relationships that are necessary to access the most sought-after fund managers. We believe that Park Street’s industry reputation directly contributes to assembling high quality portfolios.

Thoughtful Diversification

In addition to seeking investments with great managers, we also structure portfolios to help control the inherent risks. Park Street seeks a balance between providing broad, core exposure and avoiding over-diversification that dilutes good access and selection.

Investor-Oriented Approach

Park Street places high importance on aligning with the interests of our investors and goes to great lengths to avoid conflicts of interest. We have designed our business terms and structured our offerings in ways that lower average costs and add flexibility. Seeking to build the best possible funds of funds is our only business.

Stewardship and Service

Private investing demands experienced administration, and Park Street is dedicated to best practices in every element of the process. We are committed to regular communications with our limited partners via meetings, detailed reporting and a secure extranet.

Boston Sky

Park Street Capital Team

Park Street's senior investment team has over 100 years of combined experience evaluating and investing in a variety of private market partnerships.