Private Equity

Park Street has been an active investor in private equity since 1997, assembling strategically diversified portfolios with the goal of generating superior long-term returns and with attention to lowering risk. Our strategy emphasizes venture capital and non-venture private equity funds sponsored principally by U.S.-based managers but also permits a limited number of non-U.S. investments.

Park Street structures its series of offerings to allow for measured capital deployment on a frequent basis, providing its investors with greater control over

  • vintage-year diversification, and
  • allocation levels to less liquid assets within a dynamic investment portfolio.

This approach also allows Park Street to capitalize each fund at the scale it believes is most appropriate to the quality of forthcoming partnership opportunities. Accordingly, we seek to:

  • limit a fund’s size in a way that maximizes manager selectivity,
  • mitigate “blind pool” risk by providing greater transparency to likely investments, and
  • minimize the period during which we have not committed capital to underlying partnerships.

Natural Resources

Partnering with experienced owner/operators of oil & gas reserves, farmland, timberland, mining projects and other natural resource-related assets.